riskと人間 or リスクと人類



コーエンの第8章にstressへの言及があった。(Ray Marshallを引用。)最も危険な職業 それは失業…   それでも 家族や友人に及ぼす影響までを含めても 失命日数500日分とする…


But by far the most dangerous occupation is no occupation — being unemployed. For this we use a study by Ray Marshall, former Secretary of Labor and now a professor at the University of Texas. Unemployment affects not only the worker himself, but his family and friends, and even those who remain employed because of stress caused by fear of losing their jobs. But if all of these effects were concentrated on the worker himself, the LLE from one year of unemployment would be about 500 days. This is about equal to the risk of smoking 10 packs of cigarettes per day while unemployed.

The Nuclear Energy Option


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